About Us

Tele-Traffic is a U.S. traffic gathering and reporting company with U.S. operations based in sunny Orlando, FL.  We are the only traffic company in the U.S. that gathers and delivers traffic data at the local level, offering full reporting services and solutions to radio and television, as well as powering the first on-demand, continuously updated, real-time voiced traffic product in the world.

Tele-Traffic is comprised of industry experts, with extensive knowledge of the traffic space with years of experience.  Our people are the core of who we are, putting to work their industry knowledge with the understanding and development process allowing us to create, grow and maintain a superior product.  We have the expertise of traffic flow and the understanding of incidents that impact the driver. We are capable of delivering traffic on a local level, allowing us access to incidents as they happen, and we are the only traffic company in the U.S. operating an office directly in each market of which we provide and service clients.

Tele-Traffic offers the following products:
~ Tele-Traffic DASHBOARD Product
~ Tele-Traffic APP Product
~ Tele-Traffic TRAFFIC & WEATHER CAMERA Product

Tele-Traffic Traffic & Weather Camera Network:  Tele-Traffic is proud to announce the launch of our visual product side, which is now available to market and the first privately-held company to successfully build out and officially launch a full traffic and weather camera network with built in proprietary analytic software offering real-time roadway conditions and full traffic flow data. This type of visual product is built for television, web, municipalities and any other outlet that benefits from the visual content side of traffic.

Tele-Traffic Dashboard Product: Delivering the content that radio and television stations demand!  The only 24/7 locally gathered traffic data in the country, delivered directly through our streamlined, fully customizable Tele-Traffic Dashboard broadcaster product. Our data available on our broadcast product can be directly integrated to any on-air visual content mapping product for TV. Tele-Traffic services all major media outlets nationwide, directly from offices that are actually located in those markets. Full traffic reporting services and solutions are also available, including on-air talent for radio and television clients. Our ‘Fee Based’ model puts the ad inventory, production quality, brand identity, value and control back into your station.

The Tele-Traffic Dashboard data product is now available for fleet management companies.

Tele-Traffic operations started in Orlando, FL, servicing the Central Florida region and has since rapidly expanded from there…and continues to serve as U.S. headquarters. Our operations are available 24/7 in any market in the United States including Puerto Rico.

Fee Based Model vs Barter Model –

The fee based model: Tele-Traffic implements this model, putting the ad inventory, value and control back into station…where it belongs. Overall revenue gains and savings will be the end result for the station. Tele-Traffic is not in the business of commercial time or advertising brokering – we are in the business of traffic.

The barter model: Barter options devalue a stations inventory while supporting vendors who are selling against them. Stations give up their brand to the vendor, collapsing the quality of their shows. Tele-Traffic solves the clients traffic needs and wants. The barter model continues to fail, and proves that failure, with the years of continued collapse of our competition.